Collection of milk at collection points

Forecasting the amount of milk purchased at collection points and from the private population.

Planning optimal routes and preliminary determination of the schedule for visiting points by day of the week.

Main goals

Main goals

Optimization of traffic routes and reduction of mileage of milk carriers.

Reducing fuel costs.

Increasing the loading percentage of milk trucks.

Monitoring the quantity and quality of collected milk.

Improving the discipline of drivers of milk carriers.

Creation of a single route planning center.

Dispatch center functions

Dispatch center functions

Route planning for low-volume milk trucks that collect milk from the population.

Strategic route planning for large milk trucks that collect milk from collection points.

Correction of the routes of large milk carriers in real time in order to maximize their filling.

Visualization on the video wall of all information about the movement of cars, the fullness of cars, the number of problem areas, the number of “suppliers” who passed and did not pass milk.

Creation of a single Call-center, which will receive all information from drivers, milk receivers from collection points, and the population.

Limitless Possibilities

Limitless Possibilities

Establishment of mobile reception points. Cross-docking management.

Determination of places where it is better to transfer milk from small to large milk trucks, or places where it is better to leave a trailer.

Analysis on an electronic map of the milk collection area.

Obtaining complete information about each "supplier" who donates milk.

Route planning, taking into account the collection of milk of separate quality.

Modeling routes when entering a new region, determining the optimal places for opening reception points, the required number of milk carriers.

Calculation algorithms

Calculation algorithms

Calculation of the routes of large milk trucks that collect milk only from stationary milk collection points. This algorithm takes into account the following features:

A schedule for visiting milk collection points by day of the week is created and periodically adjusted.

The milk truck can leave the trailer in the village and go around some points without it, in order to minimize fuel costs.

The system builds routes to minimize the cost of delivering one liter of milk.

An algorithm for planning the routes of low-volume milk carriers that collect milk in the nearest villages, around villages with stationary milk collection points or a factory. In this variant, the low-volume milk truck can deliver milk to any receiving point or factory, while still maintaining the goal of minimizing the cost of delivering one liter of milk.

Algorithm for rescheduling the route of a milk carrier in the process of following it along the route in order to maximize the filling of the milk carrier.

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