Management of the supply chain of goods from distribution centers to a chain of stores based on demand forecasting.

MapXPlus Retail allows you to plan routes, create optimal delivery schedules, automate transportation management and route planning, optimally load the entire fleet of vehicles, ensure timely delivery of products to customers and control the work of transport.

Automated tasks

Automated tasks

Automatic scheduling of goods deliveries to the retail network of stores from distribution centers for a selected future period (strategic planning).

Daily pre-planning of routes taking into account adjusted orders in order to determine the required fleet.

Daily planning, re-planning of routes for the actually found fleet of hired cars.

Establishing a business process to control the implementation of transportation.

Using the system allows

Using the system allows

Minimize transport costs.

Minimize the number of cars needed to supply the network with goods.

Increase the turnover of funds through the rational use of storage facilities.

Optimization of inventory in warehouses by calculating the exact schedule for delivering goods to stores.

Rationally manage risks (availability of goods in the store / delivery costs / required car park).

Main functionality

Main functionality

The architecture of the system allows you to manage planning both centrally (1 dispatch center for the entire retail network of stores and distribution centers) and on a regional basis (placement of dispatch centers for planning in individual regions). The zoning and facilities of each dispatch center are customizable.

Optimization planning of deliveries, taking into account forecasted sales (based on statistics and sales dynamics), stock availability, transport capacities (carrying capacity and vehicle capacity), various restrictions (store warehouse area).

Calculation of the volume of goods to be delivered, and based on the obtained values, the formation of an optimal delivery schedule for each of the stores of the distribution network.

System Capabilities

System Capabilities

Using MapXPlus Retail electronic vector maps allows you to:

- Accurately calculate the routes of movement (distances, travel time);
- Take into account the congestion and capacity of roads and individual sections;
- Close/open/create roads, limit their use when calculating traffic routes.

The applied geosystem technology, if necessary, allows you to quickly edit and / or create new maps.

Send messages. At the end of the calculation, the program can generate and send a message to the client at the right time about the time of delivery of the goods, the time of arrival at work for drivers and forwarders, about the number of cars needed by the logistician.

Possibility to identify retail outlets, delivery of goods to which is unprofitable (based on statistics).

Ability to manage queues for loading goods into trucks in warehouses. Calculation of loading time for each vehicle.

Separation of users by roles and opportunities to work with certain functions of the program.

The built-in documented report editor allows you to change and supplement the list of reports for the needs of the company without contacting the solution provider.

Transport optimization

Transport optimization

Rational use of the car park in terms of quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

Creation of optimal and cost-effective routes for the delivery of products to chain stores.

Optimization of vehicle traffic routes when delivering products to a chain of stores, reducing the cost of delivering goods from a distribution center to a retail outlet.

Possibility to correct the created schedule of deliveries in manual mode.

Monitoring the movement of vehicles during the delivery of products (using GPS).

Optimal Order Planning

Optimal Order Planning

Based on data on the dynamics of sales of each store, current balances, warehouse capacity, the program allows you to plan the best routes for delivering goods to stores.

Based on the received routes, the responsible person will be able to clearly set the date and volume of the next delivery in his accounting system in the "automatic order" function.

Based on the company's inventory management strategy, the system minimizes shipping costs.

Minimum cost = Maximum profit

Minimum cost = Maximum profit

By managing economic and logistical risks

(risk of storing excess goods and freezing funds, the risk of lost profits, in case the goods run out, the risk of delivery delays) that the retail chain inevitably bears when managing inventory.

MapXPlus Retail solution delivers meaningful business results!

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