Planning delivery routes for distribution

Building a transparent efficient business that can be managed from a smartphone.

Tired of reports once a month, they do not contain up-to-date information, there is no understanding of how your business works, dependence on employees.

The goal is to automate all the processes of the company, to get real tools for managing, controlling and making strategic decisions.

To be not tied to a computer and an ERP system, to have your entire company in a smartphone, any report, in any section in a form convenient for you.



What real company management tool do you have? Report, desire to watch it, telephone and mail.

Many related processes are not automated at all.

A huge amount of data does not allow focusing on real problems.

The likelihood that we will look at the right report at the right time is small.

Is automation worth more from its benefits?

The timing of automation and its quality discourage the desire to get involved in such a project.

Most of the employees do not know exactly what salary they will receive at the end of the month.

Motivation schemes are complex and not transparent.



Thanks to SCUBIS you can get an audit of your company.

All processes will be collected in a single chain.

Each employee will receive the functionality he needs in a smartphone.

Transparent motivation of employees from the performed operations.

On-line data transfer, all dashboards show the real current situation.

Creating the habit of analyzing your business from top to bottom.

Free up management time.

Confidence in business performance.

Final business process

Final business process

Order at a point of sale by a sales agent.

Transferring an order to a customer in a smartphone, The process of converting an order into an invoice in ERP.

Transfer to the supervisor the results of sales for the day and the progress of the sales representative's itinerary.

Delivery routing by a logistician, Transfer of routes to a warehouse for loading, Completion.

Transfer of all changes to the order of the outlet online.

Managing the process of loading goods into cars, Dispatching for a logistician.

The process of delivery of goods by the driver, the process of delivery of goods to the client.

Formation of return invoices (or adjustments) in ERP.

Receipt of money by the driver from the client, formation of PKO in ERP.

Delivery of returns to the warehouse by the driver (carrying out return invoices / adjustments).

Delivery of money to the cashier (carrying out PKO), The process of completing the route by the logistician.

Final reports for all people by day, week, month by people, warehouses, branches, companies.

Sales Department - Logistic Analyst

Sales Department - Logistic Analyst

Planning routes for sales representatives in the TMS MapXPlus system using a cellular or classic method.

Obtaining information on the number of required sales representatives.

Shop visit schedules.

Analysis of unprofitable territories.

Analysis of the correctness of the frequency of visits.

Analysis of the minimum order amount.

Control over the work of sales representatives.

Plan-fact analysis.

Car fuel accounting for delivery.

Sales Department - Trade Representative

Sales Department - Trade Representative

Routes for the week.

Working with a point of sale card.

List of invoices that are not paid.

Fixing agreements on payment for goods on dates.

Order formation.

KPI results.

Sales Department - Supervisor

Sales Department - Supervisor

Trading control functions.

Analysis of the whole situation. What was ordered, what was collected in the warehouse, what was delivered.

Response to all problems in real time.

Analytics in any context.

Delivery department - Building routes

Delivery department - Building routes

TMS MapXPlus system that builds optimal delivery routes.

Automatically distributes cargo among trucks according to unloading at the client.

Builds routes, counts time, saves your money.

Wharehouse. Storekeepers, loaders and pickers

Wharehouse. Storekeepers, loaders and pickers

Various models of a complete set of goods.

Fixing loaders on routes or waybills.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of each employee.

Progress reports on a complete set of goods.

Correction of invoices if the goods are not enough in stock.

Acceptance of returned goods from drivers.

Delivery Department - Driver

Delivery Department - Driver

The driver controls cash payments, returns of goods from the client, delivery of money to the cashier.

Records the initial and final readings of the speedometer.

Enters the results of refueling in the smartphone.

For all the necessary points, makes photo fixation in the system.

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