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We are a Ukrainian software developer. The main mission of the company is to create a system for managing any communities and processes in a smartphone.


How about some facts about TRANS SYS

The main specialization of our Company is the development of applied IT solutions. Many years of experience in the market, a large number of working solutions, satisfied customers and strong partners.


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  • Why choose our programs?

    The main specialization of our Company is the development of applied IT solutions. Employees of our company, having experience in the subject area, successfully present unique software and hardware products.

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    Our competence

    We don't just sell software CDs and cloud services, we sell working processes, and our software is just a tool. Our experience and our programs allow you to quickly get the result you need.

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    Complete solution

    When you buy our solutions, you buy our experience. No program will ever work without a comprehensive construction of business processes. All business processes are automated by TMS MapXPlus and SCUBIS tools.

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    Complete Analysis

    As part of the project, we touch on absolutely all processes that are related to logistics. This includes the correct organization of sales, the correct scheduling of visits to outlets, the working hours of the warehouse, the transfer of goods by the driver to the client, the receipt of cash, the delivery of returns by the driver to the warehouse.

Our satisfied clients and partners

We know for sure that a satisfied client will always become an active advertising medium and will tell about the experience of communicating with us.

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