Sales Representatives

Growth of sales and increase of efficiency of work of sales representatives.

Calculation of optimal routes with the creation of schedules for visiting retail outlets in the service area.

Improving Efficiency

Improving Efficiency

By calculating the optimal routes for agents to visit retail outlets in their service area.

Creating a work schedule for a sales agent based on calculated routes.

Rational distribution of workload among sales representatives.

Increasing the number of points of visit by building optimal routes and determining the duration of a visit for points of different categories.

Increasing sales growth

Increasing sales growth

By optimizing the frequency of visiting points.

Increasing customer loyalty.

Improving labor discipline.

Plan-fact analysis of the work of sales agents, which allows comparing the planned route with the actual one.

Cellular working method

Cellular working method

Allows you to optimize the cost of fuel and lubricants when collecting applications.

Minimize the cost of fuel and lubricants during the delivery of products (due to the maximum load of vehicles, reduction of delivery units) up to 40%.

Increase the number of customers without hiring additional employees.

Expand the range of products for existing customers.

Solving problems of the supervisor

Solving problems of the supervisor

Control of movement, deviations from the planned routes.

Load optimization among sales representatives.

Accounting for the time frame of customer visits.

Rapid response to emergency situations.

For decision makers

For decision makers

Allows you to objectively evaluate financial and economic indicators and make informed decisions.

Optimize the staff of sales representatives.

Have at your disposal a tool and information for analyzing and forecasting costs.

Evaluate and monitor the quality of customer service and the reasons for non-fulfillment of plans.

Long-term simulation of scenarios.

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